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Is it possible to save money in marketing, and still reach your target customer with precision? Yes—with direct mail. Direct mail is both an art and a science, and at Spectrum, we create attention-getting designs, assemble the contents, and target your audience with precision.

Based on its annual survey, Vertis, a leading provider of integrated marketing research, found 31% of adults prefer direct mail marketing over other forms of advertising- beating out TV, radio, phone and e-mail marketing.  The survey also shows response to direct mail has risen by 12% in the past two years and is a preferred choice of contact for marketing among consumers.

Direct mail gives you one-on-one attention with your target customer, and we can attest to the truth in the old axiom about being exposed 5 to 7 times to provoke a purchase; direct mail works. It’s about getting you noticed and getting the word out. It’s efficient and cost effective. It is personal, you address your customer by name, speak to them individually and appeal to their interest. You put your message in their hands and encourage interaction. Less invasive, more interesting and inviting.

We offer full service direct marketing including:
(1) creating attention-getting designs,
(2) building your mailing list or using a list provided
(2) printing the designs,
(3) assembling the contents, and
(4) sending them in the mail.

Our mail programs have included large corporate clients, with pieces in the millions, and as few as 500 postcards promoting local business and events. Eliminate unqualified contacts. Target with precision using direct mail.

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